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Smith Island Cake


Friday, July 30th – This whole trip is a birthday gift to me from the love of my life, Cindy, and today we will celebrate by sailing the Tandem over to Smith Island to have a seafood lunch and some delicious Smith Island cake, which was designated the official dessert of the state of Maryland in 2008.

From Cindy’s YouTube comments for the day:

Chesapeake Bay. Crisfield to Smith Island to some other island to Crisfield. 12-15 knot winds from the north, and nice wave action. Camera is a Sony TX-5. Boat is a trimaran sailing kayak, a Hobie Tandem Adventure. It was Mitch’s birthday so we sailed over on the excuse of getting him a piece of Smith Island Cake. Lovely waterman community. Tried using paddle as rudder when running before the wind (sailing with wind pushing us from the rear). Perfect day!

Getting over to Smith Island has been something we’ve discussed and planned for at least a decade, but due to it being so remote and only accessible by water, we’ve never been able to make it until today.

This brings to a close the finest birthday I’ve ever had.  It was a truly wonderful, remarkable, enjoyable, enchanting day – thank you, Cindy!

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