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Took Final Delivery of Our Pearson 303


After what seemed like an eternity (it wasn’t really – we were just very anxious to begin enjoying our new toy), we took final delivery of our 1986 Pearson 303 masthead sloop on Monday of last week.

Ian Pearce, the boatyard manager of Norton Yacht Sales, had called us the prior Friday and said it wouldn’t be ready for the weekend, but it would be ready by Monday.


We had been making plans with another couple to assist us with the car transport problem and the sliding delivery deadline had been wreaking havoc with our planning attempts.  After driving down to our new marina, we met our friends, transferred some of our gear to their car, left our vehicle there and headed to Deltaville – close to another 150 miles as the crow drives.

After driving for most of the day, we finally arrived at the boatyard by mid-afternoon – just as the finishing touches were being completed on Shearwater.

We have lots more in the way of detail and photos to share, but here’s the video of our two first cruises in our new-to-us boat.  The first half is the trip – motoring the entire distance – to our home marina on Wednesday and the second half was our very first sail with it this past Saturday.

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