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Big Mac – the MacGregor 65


I have to hand it to Cindy; when she sees something she really likes, she digs deep and focuses on it.  Now this may not be our next boat, but it really put the bug in her ear about having a boat that’s very long and fast — and it dispels the notion of having an ultra thin water boat with shoal draft.

The MacGregor 65.

The subject in the video, Mystique, may have been in California at the time she was filmed for the YouTube video, but she’s here in the Chesapeake right now — at Zahniser’s Yachting Center in Solomons Island, Maryland.

We had to get some Yanmar parts and found that West Marine doesn’t carry them, so we were directed to check in at Zahniser’s.  As we walked to the marina office, we rounded the corner and were rooted in place by what we saw…

She was enormous!

Durango?  Seriously?  Not much water in the that part of the country…

That hull just seems to go forever…

We didn’t know what it was and had to ask; once we learned it was a MacGregor 65, we looked it up and learned all sorts of cool info about it.  It does 12 knots — under power alone.  Under sail, she can hit 24+ knots!

Keen readers of this blog will recall that Cindy and I both love raw speed in a sailboat, and this one has it in spades!

Very narrow for a boat her size.

All we could say was “wow” and now Cindy is really looking carefully at the long, narrow big boats!

4 thoughts on “Big Mac – the MacGregor 65

  1. topaz sailing adventures

    Nice boat ! I purchased a 1997 65-1 15 months ago. Hull # 23 of 25 she is the low deck racing version with the short rig about 68' tall.
    I have been sailing on the Columbia River near Hood River Oregon (The windsurfing mecca. Typical summer winds 20 to 30 Kts.Its fun on this river but I am ready for the ocean. I have been upgrading to make her more crusing friendly. Find pics and video on Facebook and youtube.search “Topaz sailing adventures”


  2. Mark Lepke

    A update. Topaz is still in Hood River,Oregon. I have been sailing so many hours I have lost track, and lost my log book. Kept her in Ilwaco WA for 18 months. just a stones throw from “The Colombia bar” Only 40 minutes from dock to ocean. I must say that she is way more fun in the Gorge with it’s strong winds. Out in the ocean there is a lot more time for the handling part “Should we tack before or after lunch?” As the winters are getting longer and I am getting older I am considering selling her and making for warmer climates.She is still a great boat but Ill give her up for slightly smaller with a shallow draft and better suited for island hopping. About 50K right now.


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Sounds like you’re hitting the same thing we are. We’re actually getting out of sailing altogether and are in the process of prepping our boat to sell it next month. Thanks for the update.


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