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One Year and Counting With Shearwater

Shearwater in the slip -- Ridge, MD (May 2012)Sony NEX-5N + 18-55mm

Shearwater in the slip — Ridge, MD (May 2012)
Sony NEX-5N + 18-55mm

It has now been exactly one year since we purchased our 1986 Pearson 303, Shearwater.  Keen-eyed readers will note that we’ve been busily refitting her almost every weekend since that fateful day twelve months ago, and at long last we’ve gotten her to the point where we think she’ll pass a Coast Guard inspection. Here’s the long list — though incomplete — of what we’ve done to her over the past many months…

Boatyard tasks:

  • Scrape and repaint the bottom
  • Install air-conditioning
  • Re-bed the starboard bow chock screws
  • Replace the cutlass bearing on the propeller shaft
  • Polish the diesel fuel
  • Install midships cleats on both sides of the cabin
  • Fix the problem with the engine rapidly flipping in and out of gear
  • Replace the non-functioning head
  • Replace the non-functioning hot water heater
  • Replace gate valve in the port settee
  • Replace the PVC elbow for the galley sink through-hull with a bronze fitting
  • Install a high-water bilge alarm and pump
  • Replace leaking mast boot
  • Replace the badly corroded propane tank, regulator and solenoid valve

Our tasks:

  • Check and repair / replace the running lights
  • Disassemble winches and re-grease
  • Purchase a Portland Pudgy rowing dinghy
  • Replacement running lights and bulbs
  • Inspect upper level mast & shrouds
  • Knot working and splicing
  • Finish up replacement of all O-rings throughout boat
  • Lines on new fenders
  • Inspect all standing and running rigging
  • Apply lemon oil to interior teak
  • Check the wiring from the AC panel to the battery charger
  • Check the wiring on the starboard side of the engine
  • Cross check the engine hoses & tubing from the first survey
  • Install new 24-hour head vent fan
  • Marine diesel maintenance class
  • Composting head
  • Anchors, chain, windlass, rode and headsets
  • Replace all port and hatch seals
  • Finish up replacement of all permanent and transient docklines
  • Clean, wax and polish dinghy
  • Clean stove
  • Cabin hatch gaskets
  • Portlight gaskets and lenses
  • Grill heat shield
  • Boating / rigging knife
  • 7×50 binoculars
  • Portable generator
  • New dock lines
  • Wax buffer
  • Crab trap
  • Fishing gear
  • Six place mats for the cabin table
  • Blankets, sheets and pillows
  • Stitching palm and supplies
  • Packing gland hex wrench
  • Properly treat all frayed line ends
  • Inspect all sails, including storm jib
  • Remove plastic shroud coverings
  • Fix the dinghy painter
  • Clean shrouds
  • Clean ice chest
  • Tarp for large hull holes
  • Fender hangers and racks
  • Dinghy bailer
  • Dock lines
  • Fishing stickers
  • Install fenders on dock
  • Registration stickers
  • Scrub & hose down boat
  • Secure dinghy
  • Secure shore water hose
  • Ship’s log
  • Put a line on the bucket
  • Assemble grill for operation
  • Build out sailing blog
  • Purchase drysuits
  • Purchase navigation tools
  • Purchase drysuit glove locks for Cindy
  • Purchase fids and line for knotwork
  • Boat shoes
  • Select the marina we’ll use for the slip
  • Select the insurance company
  • Select the financing company (not needed)
  • Buy the sailboat
  • Check fire extinguishers for expiration date
  • Check manual bilge pump in cockpit for operation
  • Check all boat hooks
  • Make down payment on boat
  • Get cashier’s check
  • Pay for marina slip
  • Arrange for marine surveyor
  • Green cleaning supplies
  • Install remainder of hose clamps
  • Replace both ground fault AC receptacles
  • Purchase smoke and CO2 detectors
  • Purchase a boat toolkit
  • Mount two of the fire extinguishers
  • Tie wooden bungs to all the through-hulls on the boat
  • Get rid of all the out-of-date flares
  • Clean out the bird nest in the boom
  • Attach Coast Guard required placards for oil dumping and garbage
  • Attach battery lids and straps
  • Attach cockpit seat hatch safety retainer
  • Check polarity of AC outlets
  • Apply mineral oil to all hatch and port rubber gaskets
  • Clean & polish all port lights
  • Vacuum boat from stem to stern and in all of the storage compartments
  • Absorbent pad under the engine
  • Wooden bung container
  • Get the boat surveyed
  • Sign the purchase contract
  • Emergency signaling kit
  • Virginia boat title
  • Register Shearwater with the State of Maryland
  • Obtain a Maryland title of boat ownership
  • Create a notebook binder for all boat-related activities


Now we’re ready to SAIL!!!

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