Old School Photo Hack

Photowalk in DC


No trip down to the boat this weekend for us — Cindy had a business trip to attend to and I shipped her out from DCA early this morning.  Since I was already down close to the National Mall, I figured I’d spend the day there in the form of a photo walk, just wandering around where I saw cool looking things to shoot.  I shot over 1,100 images and edited them down to just these.

The United States Botanic Garden is always a favorite to go for interesting things to see…








After many hours on foot, I finally needed sustenance — beer!  At the Capitol City Brewing Company, along with some excellent fish tacos.


A quick stop by the National Building Museum

Then finally back to Union Station, where I’d parked the car.  Union Station is undergoing repairs from the earthquake we had here in the region last August.



9 thoughts on “Photowalk in DC

  1. Mitch Zeissler

    I've noticed your food shots and they always look awesome! You fix them yourself?

    Oh, and I'm a sucker for fish tacos as well; never had them until a few years ago and now I try them at any place offering them on the menu.


  2. Anonymous

    If you are ever around the area again and looking for a ride, we'd be happy to take you out on Carolena, our P303. Is there a way to get in contact? I'd like to share some ideas for upgrades (very interested in what you are doing with the bow roller). For obvious reasons, i don't want to post my email on the web.


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