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Chesapeake lunch

Fat Tire on draft

The last time we were down at the boat (it seems like forever and a day ago) we had lunch at the marina restaurant, which has an absolutely delightful deck with a huge shade tree to knock out the mid-day sun. Cindy was still prepping for her business trip with material she brought to the outside table with us and she was engrossed in detailed pencil calculations and notes, so I bided my time by shooting all the food as it was served to us.

Steamed clams
Soft-shelled crab sandwich
Volcano cake for Cindy
Bread pudding for me

Competition is a good thing.  We have three seafood restaurants within walking distance of the boat and all of them have seriously upped their game since last fall.

4 thoughts on “Chesapeake lunch

  1. bonnie

    I need to have another go at soft-shell crab one of these days. Being from Hawaii I never had them as a kid and they just looked scary to me, I was skeptical of their actual edibility for a long time. They just looked to much like a normal crab that you need tools to break into to me. I did finally get up my courage and tried some at a lobster bar earlier in the summer and now I'm convinced that yes, you actually can bite into them, but the preparation was overdone – they were fried after being very heavily beer-battered and all I could taste was the batter. These look much better.


  2. Mitch Zeissler

    I seriously don't like spiders and soft-shelled crabs always looked waaay too similar to me… until I finally decided to try a soft-shelled crab sandwich for the first time about 20 years ago. I was lucky because the one I had was excellent (which did wonders for turning my head around) and soft-shelled crabs have since become one of my very favorite summer foods.

    We have found that the restaurants that want you to savor the taste of the soft-shell crab will only bread them lightly and the very best ones will remove the outer shell *and* mustard. Those more interested in the traditional presentation will leave both. We eat them both ways.

    Unless we're around the Chesapeake — and I mean within 50 miles of the shoreline — I don't order soft-shelled crab anymore; too many hit-or-miss experiences that way.


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