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Photo walk in Dolly Sods — Day 1


Last weekend we stayed home, partly due to the heat and partly due to the enormous amount of work Cindy has been taking home this summer.  By noon Saturday, both of us had decided that we needed a break from the grind and Cindy had been pining away for the mountains for many months — so we decided to head to our favorite wilderness haunt on the terra firma here on the east coast…  Dolly Sods Wilderness in West Virginia.

For those whom have never heard of it, Dolly Sods is an unnatural pine barrens atop a tall plateau that varies between 3,500 and 4,000 of elevation.  It was once carpeted with virgin forest, then completely denuded by the lumber industry in the early 1900s, leaving the scorched remains for nature to take over and recover on her own.  At one point the barrens were even used as a WWII aircraft target bombing range and rusted bombs are still being found there to this day.

Cindy discovered Dolly Sods back in the early 1980s and began wilderness tent camping here by herself… long before she met me.  Our first camping trip here together was in the fall of 1989 and we’ve tried to make it back at least once every year ever since.  For anyone that loves critters, nature, color, light and weather (especially weather), Dolly Sods has the best the Mid-Atlantic region has to offer.

An if you like intensely flavored wild berries, Dolly Sods has them in spades: blueberries, huckleberries, elderberries, blackberries, cranberries and wintergreen berries can all be found in an amazing abundance.
















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