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End of the summer draws near


We stayed aboard Shearwater this past weekend; it’s always interesting to me how many things develop and take place while we’re away, and now we can tell that the sailing season is beginning to wind down…

  • The osprey chicks have all fledged and left their respective nests, and their attentive parents are no longer performing like an endless conveyor belt of food for them.
  • We didn’t see a single sea nettle this past weekend and only one moon jelly.
  • We noted that the early birds (snow birds?) have begun to get their boats hauled out onto the hard at the local marinas and everyone was making note of what they wanted to have fixed or worked upon during the winter months.  A sub-section of this was dedicated to the upcoming Annapolis Sailboat Show and what people were looking to find deals on or to obtain information.
  • The local blue crabs never recovered back to the early high point that we noted on April 28th.  The crab issue is one that really concerns us as we don’t know the reason behind the absence of them.  All we know is that in April there were crabs galore and then they rapidly vanished within a few short weeks from all the local streams, creeks and coves in Southern Maryland.  The watermen around us are equally puzzled and concerned; if it weren’t for their other catches, this would have been a completely busted summer — at least from a crab catching standpoint.

2 thoughts on “End of the summer draws near

  1. Baydog

    Now come 2 of the nicest months to sail. I can't believe people are hauling their boats already! We're in through Halloween, and I'm looking forward to an empty bay this fall.


  2. Mitch Zeissler

    We're with ya on that sentiment. The only way we'll pull ours is if one of those massive swirly things decides to come through; if that's the case, we're done for the season and we'll have Shearwater hauled and the stick removed for needed servicing.


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