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Gone in 47 seconds


Mango, freshly sliced by Cindy a little while ago.

Ripe. Succulent. Dripping with sweet deliciousness. And gone in 47 seconds.

True story.

I never cared for mango when I was young, but can’t get enough them now.

11 thoughts on “Gone in 47 seconds

  1. Keep Reaching

    I really like them too, but peeling them is not easy – I read that you can cut them in half and then slice squares in them and turn them inside out, but mine end up looking kind of botched. Do you (or Cindy) have a good technique?


  2. Mitch Zeissler

    We let them ripen until they're like ripe bananas – quite soft to the touch. Then they are very easy to peel; Cindy scores the rind like an orange and uses a knife blade and thumb to quickly strip the outer skin off.

    It actually takes her more time to slice the slippery meat than it does for her to peel the skin.


  3. my2fish

    I went to the Philippines my senior year in high school, and we had fresh mangos for breakfast every morning. they've never tasted quite the same when I buy there here in the USA.


  4. my2fish

    I believe that. I find getting a banana to a good ripeness from a grocery store is very tricky. especially if you buy a bunch – one or two might be okay, the rest can be too green, or way too ripe and brown.

    same year as the Philippines, but a different trip – I was in India, and had a guy climb a tree and cut down a fresh coconut to pour us a glass of coconut milk. I personally can't stand coconut, so it didn't appeal that much to me, but I'm sure that is a bit different taste that what we'd find here.


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