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California’s North Coast — Day 2


We started out Sunday from Petaluma, a town that still had its farming roots still very much in evidence.

We proceeded out to the Pacific Coast Highway and began heading up to points north, arriving in Bodega Bay in time to stretch our legs, do a bio break, take some photos and do lunch.


Cindy and I are convinced that California is one of the top foodie destinations in the US; we consistently have some of the bests eats anywhere each time we visit there, and this trip was no exception.



Then it was back on the road and Dad puts the hammer down…

The following two shots were taken blind — I simply popped the camera out the window, held it up over the roof of the car and hit the shutter button.  Why?  Because there were so few places to actually stop and take photos.


This one floored me — just look at the color of the water!

We continued up and up the winding coast line.  Cindy and I were very much reminded of the Road to Hana on Maui, only this one was lacking the amazing banana bread vendors.

Eventually we arrived at Fort Ross for a bio break and some photo opportunities.  Even Maggie, the dog, was able to get out and enjoy herself.





Then it was hammer time again, as we covered ground to make our motel further north.

As the afternoon shadows lengthened, we stopped at Point Arena Lighthouse for another leg stretch and some photos.





Then it was onto Fort Bragg, where we stopped for the next couple of nights.

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