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California’s North Coast — Day 3


Monday found us in Fort Bragg, California — which is about mid-way between San Francisco and the Oregon state line.  And what were we to do there?  Ride the famous Skunk Train into the redwoods, of course!

We arrived bright and early for the 10:00 AM trip and spent the next four hours thoroughly enjoying ourselves as it wound through the countryside on the spectacular Redwood Route, touring an amazing display of native California redwood trees.

There was also some diversion provided by way of the Train Singer, who has been providing live entertainment aboard since 1989.

We arrived at our turn-around point deep in the heart of the forest.  Everyone disembarked, stretched their legs, did a bio break, ate lunch (we declined since we had other plans) and explored the stopping area.

Then it was time for the return trip.

At times the redwood trees blocked out so much of the sun that the train lights could easily be seen  illuminating the route ahead.

When we arrived back at the station, Kate was waiting for us with Maggie and everyone was famished for good eats.

Mmmm… A french dip — the first I’ve had in many many years.

And here’s something you don’t see every day — skunked beer that you’re actually supposed to drink!  Yes, I had one aboard the train.  And yes, it was delicious!

After reviving ourselves with our late repast, we headed out to find Kate’s discovery (she didn’t come on the train with us due to having to care for the dog).  She said something about a glass beach

And so it was… the first glass beach I’ve ever seen.  According to what we were later able to find on the Web, this is considered by many to be the finest glass beach in the world and there is also a local museum that displays the finer examples that have come from it.

While Cindy and Kate explored the glass of the beach in detail, I wandered off for more photo opportunities.

We also found a bunch of these things, which we later determined were chitons.  I never knew chitons were capable of growing so large.

And, of course, the sunsets are to die for out in that part of the country…

My Dad, very pleased that we were having such a good time on the trip that he had planned.

Kate and Maggie, just after the sun dipped under the horizon.

7 thoughts on “California’s North Coast — Day 3

  1. Mitch Zeissler


    That shot was all in camera. It was done by holding the camera as far away from the train as I could; the forward speed of the train combined with the 1/8th of a second shutter speed (not on a tripod — handheld — I just got lucky with that shot) resulted in the image smear that you're seeing.


  2. Baydog

    Those trees are amazing, and I'm sure they're one hundred times more impressive in person. Mitch, you definitely have a way with the camera. You all certainly do know how to enjoy yourselves!


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Thank you very much. I’ll let you know when I’ve redone this post, as it’s missing a bunch of photos and the formatting is all off. It’s one I hadn’t yet touched from the Blogger-to-WordPress migration last year.


    2. MamaMickTerry

      That would be great. I love them all, but this was my favorite…along with Let’s Roll.
      I’ve let my photography blog sit all summer…seeing your photos makes me want to grab my camera again.
      Thanks for the inspiration!


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