Old School Photo Hack

Where is she?


This isn’t “Who is she?” because all of you know her. Oh all right, maybe you don’t – this is my beloved Admiral, Cindy. So where is she? There’s a smudge on the horizon in the upper right to maybe, just maybe, give you a clue.


  • Keen readers will know that Cindy is a native of a certain Maryland location.
  • Behind Cindy is a hidden danger.
  • The road leading to this location, the spot where we are standing, the hidden danger and the smudge on the horizon all share the same name.
  • Try looking up NOAA chart 12270.

13 thoughts on “Where is she?

  1. Mitch Zeissler

    Bingo on all counts.

    We were surprised to see that we could go all the way out to the very tip of the point, as we were married there back in 1990 and at that time it was a locked park; admittance was granted only after written permission was issued and a fee was paid. However, now the park is accessible year-round by foot and during the winter months by car, so we were delighted to take some photos of the area with Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse in the background.


  2. Tillerman

    I was a bit thrown off the scent initially because I thought “smudge on the horizon” must be some distant smoky city, which didn't make any sense at all if you were near Annapolis. I still can't see the lighthouse and it really isn't very far offshore is it?


  3. Mitch Zeissler

    Nope, it's about a mile or so off the tip of the point.

    My photo is too far out of focus in that area to actually see the detail, but Cindy or I or “Gybe the Sailor” (especially Gybe) would have gotten it because we're so familiar with the waters.

    I'll make the next one a little easier for everybody.


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