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Dry spell about to end


I feel compelled to apologize.

My 5-year-old laptop was fading rapidly away and I’ve been twisting in the wind trying to decide which direction to replace it — another laptop, a tablet, just a smartphone, Windows 7, Mac, Chrome, apps versus full blown Lightroom, low cost convenience versus much higher cost power and versatility, etc.

I hope to resolve my dilemma in the coming days…  in the meantime, here’s a very recent shot to whet your appetite.


4 thoughts on “Dry spell about to end

  1. O Docker

    Good luck trying to find a new PC with Windows 7.

    I've played with Windows 8 a bit, and it seems with each new generation of Windows they hide more and more of the stuff you really need to get at.

    I started with Macs in the early 90s and had to move to PC's when I got a job in IT, but I think my next box will be a Mac.

    So, I've opened the Mac vs PC debate. That should be good for a few comments.


  2. Mitch Zeissler

    I'm in IT as well and support mostly Windows at work, plus a few Macs and other OSes. Up until 2006 I had a good sized Windows XP-based home network, but I deep-sixed that when Vista came out and gradually replaced all the major boxes at home with Macs (we still have one Win95 laptop that happily runs in the corner 24/7 and just… Refuses. To. Die.).

    That said, we were thinking I could move completely to an iPad and do all my photo post-processing and blogging from it. Wrong. An iPad is okay for light touch-ups to existing JPGs, but terrible for heavy post-processing of RAW files. I tried for over a month to get it to work for me and finally surrendered in defeat a few days ago. I remain convinced that the tablet route is the way of the future, but it's not ready for its close-up yet — at least not for hardcore photographers and other serious content creators.

    I looked at cheap Windows boxes (both desktops and laptops), but Windows 8 appears to be a repeat of the Vista debacle and I won't be making that mistake this time either. iOS is out of the picture, at least for now. Chrome doesn't have the oomph yet, nor does it have or support Adobe Lightroom. Linux is in the same boat regarding Lightroom. So that leaves OS X.

    With the Macs, the iMac sure makes a compelling case, but I want something a bit more mobile — and something more portable than a Mac mini with an external monitor and keyboard. That leaves the Mac laptops.

    The MacBook Air is very appealing, but rather anemic for post-processing a thousand or more 16 megapixel images in a sitting. So now we're down to the MacBook Pro line.

    I finally settled upon the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with the 2.9GHz Dual-core i7 processor with the big flash drive, which is what I'm using to type up this response to you. The bigger 15-inch is what I was shooting for, but it's just too expensive for our budget.


  3. O Docker

    Have gone down many of the same roads and come to the same conclusions.

    I think I may get away with an iPad for everything I need to do on the go, but use an iMac for heavy duty photo work. The iMac is more bang per greenback than the MacBook and has more real estate on its screen, too – a good thing for photo work.

    At the paper where I used to work, some of the photogs are starting to use iPads to tweak and send photos back from the field, instead of the usual laptops.

    Between Google apps, cloud storage, tablets, phones, and the re-emergence of the Mac, we may finally be seeing the demise of Bill Gates' evil empire.


  4. Mitch Zeissler

    I'm always hesitant to bad mouth Microsoft too much as I've been able to carve out a fairly comfortable life out of supporting the products they produce, but I'm with you of this one. Competition and choice are good, and MS came very close to eliminating both.


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