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Scenes from a boatyard


Every time we go down to the boat I always take photos at our boatyard and others.  I’ve always enjoyed looking at whatever is in the water and on the hard, as I usually get ideas for line handling, storage, rigging, what have you…  So here are some shots from back around Thanksgiving of 2012 (whew — almost said this year!).

The following big boats are from Zahniser’s Yachting Center in Solomons Island.  They’re always good for some decent boat porn.

I’m surprised to see just how long this one (below) has been at Zahniser’s.


Bongo (below) was one of the boats we seriously considered buying a couple of years ago.  It’s good to see that someone bought her and is taking good care of her.


All of the rest of these shots are from our marina.  This is the first time I’ve seen a rudder cover… anyone have some insight as to why it would be used out on the hard like that?

Below is one of the derelict boats; I’m not sure why the holes were sawn in the sides, but judging from the stench that reeked from the new openings, I’m guessing they’re to assist in pumping out all the rainwater down in the hold prior to breaking her up for scrap.


Where’s the Doctor?

The arson boat doesn’t seem to be going anywhere…

Some minor damage from Hurricane Sandy.

More damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Not from Hurricane Sandy.  More like pure negligence than anything else.  Sad, because she’d be a gorgeous boat when maintained properly.



Taking off the bottom paint with a sand and water slurry.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that this boat (below) has finally been signed over to the marina.

This is our new dock mate in the slip directly beside us — an older Pearson 30.

Last shot.


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