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Recent shots of my Mom


I went down to Florida briefly — too briefly — to visit with my mom and her beau, Vince.  We both were planning to go down on the 21st and stay over Christmas through the 26th, but life got in the way.  Cindy came down with a terrible case of the flu on the 20th, so I went down by myself.  Then I began to experience the same sort of symptoms, so I bolted for home after staying just one night.

The top photo with my Mom is in a speculator development that never panned out.  There are slightly raised sandy roads on a grid and some utility boxes at regular intervals, but nothing more.  She likes to walk there when she has the opportunity and uses the pole in her hand as a casual walking stick.

The photo below is the picnic lunch she made for us to eat at the orchid nursery that we visited, with Vince on the right.  Yum — good chow!  Home smoked fish, homemade pickles, homemade cheese, two different homemade breads, hot & spicy candied nuts, homemade cookies and some other items that I forget.  She’s always been an inventive cook and enjoys making things.

7 thoughts on “Recent shots of my Mom

  1. Joe

    Mitch – My brothers, father, some cousins and a couple of buddies do a trip every single April, going on 15yrs now. A long weekend in some kind of wilderness that is driveable from the Philly area. We typically do backpacking, the last two years we went to the Cranberry Wilderness Area in WV and we did the Devils Path in the Catskills. I am a reserve Marine (a Captain, and a Product of Annapolis) and I drive down to Norfolk every month to Drill. My brother-in-law also has a condo at Bay Creek in Cape Charles. Over the last few years I have become absolutely fascinated with that peninsula and the barrier islands around it. I have convinced the group that we should try a trip out of Oyster over Mockhorn and out to Wreck Island with us camping on Mockhorn on Fri and Sat night, and exploring the barrier islands all day Saturday. From Kayaks or Rafts. But we are all hikers. Tuff-guys, but I dont want to lead the whole team into a drowning expedition. At the same time getting a guide flies against our policy of going at it on our own. Is something like this doable? I saw you did a trip similar to what we want to do. Want to know if you think this is feasable:

    Friday at Noon – Set out from Oyster and head to Mockhorn. Find a place to camp and explore Mockhorn. (Would have to be towards the north end of Mockhorn, heard it is all swamp, anyplace at all to camp up there?)

    Saturday at Sunrise – Set out for Wreck Island. Explore Wreck, Explore the rest of the bay, lunch on the barrier island beach? Back to Mockhorn for dinner, camp out.

    Sunday at Sunrise – Back to Oyster.

    Rafts/Kayaks? Footwear? Routes? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, do you know if you can get away with camping on one of the Barrier Islands for a night?

    Here is my blog FYI http://www.faycation.blogspot.com


  2. Mitch Zeissler

    Joe — I have to say that I'm surprised they allow camping on Mockhorn (they do — I checked), as it's basically just tidal flats, oyster bars and grass (worse than a swamp — no cover at all and the “high points” are barely above the surface of the water at regular high tide). And wherever the oyster bars are not, then it's Crisco mud (thick sucking stuff with the consistency of Crisco shortening). Take a look at my images of Wreck Island (http://boneinitsteeth.blogspot.com/2010/11/gunkhole-heaven.html); Wreck Island is a few *inches* higher than Mockhorn — not by much, but it is a little.

    Be aware that — effective 1/1/12 — if you stay on Mockhorn, you are *required* to have an Virginia State Access Permit for your party (http://www.dgif.virginia.gov/access-permit/).

    If you are wanting to do your trip this weekend, I would deep-six the event and reschedule for another time. Why? It may become a drowning expedition; we're having King Tides in the Chesapeake region this weekend and I expect all of that area would either be underwater or very much threatened by it from yesterday through 1/13. Read more here: http://www.dnr.state.md.us/coastsmart/king_tide.asp

    When we did our own kayak trip down in that area, we didn't camp anywhere out on the barrier islands; we actually stayed in a nearby motel every night. 😀 I don't know the rules for the rest of the barrier islands there, but as I recall most of that area is heavily protected because they don't want it to disappear like the Outer Banks did. I'm not sure whether camping is allowed on the Wreck Island or the other barrier islands; you'll have to find out what the rules are and respect them. During the time we were there — prime camping season — we did not see a soul camping outside of any designated camping area.

    Footwear: Crisco mud and/or razor sharp oyster beds and/or shell beds. There is no dirt, sand or beach; all of that is further out by Wreck Island, where the waves are; the inner islands are all dominated by the black Crisco mud. We were fine with the shell beds on Wreck Island with expedition sandals; the same shoes almost got sucked off our feet by the mud on Mockhorn. Plan accordingly.

    Routes: There are a few dredged routes that don't shift seasonally; everything else varies with the season, tides, winds, etc. GPS is critical in this area — make sure everyone has one; if the fog comes in, that area is a maze that would be very difficult to escape. Also, don't even think of using rafts; the tide flow is too great for them. As it is, we had some difficulty with our sailing kayak at times because the currents are pretty severe.

    At any rate, good luck with whatever you decide and make sure to share the pix!


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