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Flying dang-dangs


Decades ago I knew a young child that loved dinosaurs, but he could never pronounce the word “dinosaur” — it always came out as “dang-dang”.  His favorite was the Pterodactyl and the first time he ever saw a pelican, we were entertained by the delighted shouts of a little boy pointing and saying “flying dang-dang” over and over.  And it stuck, at least with me.

So here you go… Brown pelicans, err, flying dang-dangs.  In Maryland.  In mid-January.

7 thoughts on “Flying dang-dangs

  1. Mitch Zeissler

    The brown ones that we saw have been staying past the annual migration season — which isn't bad so long as the hard winter weather stays away. But if it gets cold enough to freeze the water, they quickly die.

    We love seeing them, but we always get concerned when we see them past the fall.


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