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Life happens


I haven’t posted a lot of photos of Shearwater lately, because… well… we just haven’t had the opportunity to go down and spend time working on her.  We’ve both had a pretty mediocre (or miserable — depending on how you want to spell it) fall and winter for a variety of reasons, the gist of which is that life simply happens and we’re making as much lemonade as we can with the lemons that we’re being handed.

We had initially planned to do the bottom right: get it hydro-blasted with a sand and water slurry by the boatyard in the early fall, let it dry out all winter long, put on two coats of barrier in the early spring, followed by two coats of top quality ablative paint and put her back in the wet by late March.

Then we got the boatyard estimate.

After a lot of serious discussion, we scrapped that idea and decided to move forward by doing the work ourselves.  So far, I’ve only worked on it steadily for most of one afternoon, way back earlier in November.

Pathetic, I know.

Considering how much is left and how cold it is now (it’s been in the low teens at home for much of the past week), we’ll be lucky to put her back in the water by the end of May.

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