Old School Film Hack

Where am I?


You know from the last post that we did a circumnavigation of the upper Chesapeake Bay this past weekend — so where did we find this?

Oh, and the foam was frozen; I expect it had been in this spot for close to 20 hours before we found it.  Why?  Because all the eating establishments were long closed and didn’t do business on the day we swung through.

That’s all you get.  The rest of the clues are in the image itself.  Good hunting, guys.

30 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. Baydog

    At least before the crack of noon, as my Father-in-law likes to say. And chances are, even with my three hour head start, the man from O Dock may produce a witty and thought-provoking comment well before the lazy dog crawls out of his crate.

    I'm gonna jump the gun and guess where Tillerman's photo was taken:
    Brant Beach, NJ.


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