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So… where am I?


Here’s a new one for you — it was new for me as well; I’d never been here before and didn’t even know of its existence.

Here are your clues:

  • I suspect there are hundreds of these places up and down the coastline of the eastern United States, if not the coastline of every continent of the globe.
  • No one will ever build condos back to the left of the cross.
  • As I learned while touring the area — if you were of a certain group during a specific period in time, it truly sucked being you.

25 thoughts on “So… where am I?

  1. Mitch Zeissler

    Correct! That's the answer to the second clue. It will help to determine this location, but it's not the reason for the cross.

    Two additional clues:

    1) You'll note that the cross has a mounted plaque at it's base — this plaque actually states why the artifact was placed at this location and it's significance.

    2) The third clue (above) isn't referencing race.


  2. Tillerman

    OK. So I'm guessing it is a cross marking a famous landing of European settlers on American shores. I was going to say the one at Cape Henry but that looks a bit different in the pictures I can find online.


  3. Mitch Zeissler

    Nope — not the Lost Colony. Here are two more hints:

    1) Crux ordinaria.

    2) There's a smudge on the horizon that's the complete giveaway. If I'd left the image in color, you'd easily be able to pick it out.


  4. Tillerman

    Is it Church Point? I can see what I think is the shadow of the cross on the satellite view in Google Maps. Why did it suck so much and what does that have to do with the cross? I see that these days St. Mary's is “considered” to be the “birthplace of religious toleration in the United States” because of the Maryland Toleration Act in 1649. Although I think Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson might dispute that claim on account of what they were up to in Rhode Island a few years earlier.


  5. Mitch Zeissler

    Correct — the image above is Church Point, and you can indeed see the shadow of the cross on the satellite view in Google Maps.

    It sucked because the Catholics were not tolerated for awhile, and there were ship-to-ship fights and land battles over the issue. I'll detail it all with my next post.


  6. Tillerman

    And I see that the much-vaunted Toleration Act allowed freedom of worship only for “trinitarian Christians” and actually sentenced to death anyone who denied the divinity of Jesus. I guess that was some progress for its day but not exactly a shining example of toleration.


  7. O Docker

    Kudos to Tillerman for tracking down another one.

    I must say that your first clues had me convinced that the site was a graveyard for slaves. There is one such site on the east shore that looks something like this.

    But my googling turned up so much material about the subject of the slave trade in Maryland that I spent several hours sidetracked, reading about that. There is quite a story there, and there are quite a few old slave graveyards throughout the state.

    The one on the east shore is slowly being submerged by the rising waters of the Chesapeake. It looks like the site in your photo is suffering from the same fate. Is that a small rip rap jetty in the water built in an attempt to hold the waters back?


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