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Church Point at St. Mary’s City


The Maryland Dove at St. Mary's City,...

The Maryland Dove at St. Mary’s City, Maryland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tillerman finally nailed the image above as being at Church Point in St. Mary’s City, which is where I visited yesterday.  I had zipped down to the marina at zero-dark-thirty to check on Shearwater and see if the bilge needed to be pumped out, finished early and decided to explore the local sights.  And yes, it’s the same image — just enormously cropped and brought back from the monochrome treatment.

And as I indicated in the comments of the previous post, the dead giveaway is visible in the frame to the right on the horizon — the replica of the Maryland Dove.

Here are the answers to the clues from that post:

  • There are dozens — if not hundreds — of similar landing sites and/or commemoration sites all up and down the eastern coast of the United States.
  • No one will ever build condos (or anything else) on the bluffs behind the cross because it’s a large cemetery.  Or — let me rephrase that — I certainly hope they don’t.
  • If you were Catholic and living in Maryland during the mid-1600s, it truly sucked to be you.  Catholics were in the minority in the New World and Maryland was intended to be a safe haven for them, which quickly proved to be false during the turbulent years of 1637-1694.  I’ll post more about this in the near future.

14 thoughts on “Church Point at St. Mary’s City

  1. Tillerman

    LOL. I don't think I would have guessed it any more easily even with the boat in the background more visible.

    These landing site commemorations are fascinating, especially if they were left by the explorer himself, like the one I wrote about at Dirk.


  2. Tillerman

    And somewhere north of San Francisco there is a “a plate of brasse” as “a monument of our being there” left by Sir Francis Drake in 1579. But nobody has found it yet. It does surprise me that O Docker isn't on the hunt for it.


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