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Getting there


The bottom work is progressing, though I have to say it’s a lot of back breaking effort.  The starboard side is mostly done except for sanding and the port side is close to 50 percent scraped.  Many thanks to my friend, Sean, for the assistance on Saturday!

6 thoughts on “Getting there

  1. O Docker

    I pretty much don't sail my boat at all any more. I only have enough time to scrub the deck.

    If it's been a few weeks, this black stuff attaches itself to the gelcoat and gives the appearance of being easily rubbed off. But there's always a deeper black layer left behind that taunts you. You can almost hear it saying, “You're going to have to scrub like hell to get me off.” At that point, it takes about a day more work to get the deck clean.

    Beyond a month, green algae starts growing on top of the black gunk, making the boat look like one of the derelicts that the marina gathers up from abandoned slips and auctions off every year. At this stage, cleaning the deck takes about two full days.

    But I'm beginning to like this deck scrubbing routine. In some ways, it's more relaxing than sailing and no one is constantly nagging you that one of the telltales is fluttering.


  2. Tillerman

    O Docker, it's a Zen thing. I think you have finally ascended to the seventh step of enlightenment for yacht owners. You are now in that transcendental state where you don't even need to go sailing to achieve ecstasy, and you now know that the true reason that everyone owns a floating leadmine is so that you can scrub, scrub scrub your way to inner peace.


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