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Who guards the door? And what is behind it?


Yes, it’s a real sign.  Yes, the key is exactly where the sign says it can found.  Yes, visitors are welcome.


What is behind the door?  And exactly what kind of “guard at gate” is referred to by the sign?

19 thoughts on “Who guards the door? And what is behind it?

  1. O Docker

    Well, one of the reasons I thought 'church' was that the sign might be playfully alluding to the keeper of the big gate upstairs, but then maybe I'm waxing too metaphorical again.

    I did check and there are 487,321 churches in Maryland on the National Register of Historic Places. So, this must be one of them. Should I start guessing alphabetically or by county?

    My second guess, by the way, is Fort McHenry.


  2. Tillerman

    And if my fourth guess is correct, my fifth guess by the way, is that to get the key you have to go to that gatehouse just up the road which is presumably guarding the entrance to that naval airfield?


  3. O Docker

    I would like to point out that my answer at 4:16pm was deduced from Tillerman's 4:32pm answer since, living in California, I know everything that will happen in Rhode Island three hours before it actually does.

    And if my first guess is correct, my second guess by the way, is that this is the southernmost church in Maryland that requires you to go to a Naval electronics facility to get the key.


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