Old School Photo Hack

20-year photo


This is an image that has escaped me for some 20-years.  Why?  Because the ground fog only comes fleetingly during a few transitional days of the spring and fall, the light has to be right, the amount of fog has to be right (not too thin and not too thick), and I must have a camera with me.  And for so many times in the past, I’d forgotten the camera.  Or the traffic was too heavy for me to stop.  Or I was in too much of a rush to get to work.  Or… well, you get the picture.

Or not.

3 thoughts on “20-year photo

    1. zeissler Post author

      Thank you for the kind comment! May I ask how you found the image so fast? I just stood up this site earlier today and was flabbergasted to see a comment posted so quickly.


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