Old School Film Hack

Where am I?


Here’s a new challenge for you, though I expect you’ll tsk-tsk at me and tell me where it is straight away without even a passing glance at The Google.

10 thoughts on “Where am I?

    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      Yes, it is near a church. I’ll provide more clues:

      – The column in the background is the real prize, as there is only one like it – anywhere. And the column isn’t a grave marker… it’s something else.

      – You guys swarmed all over an earlier post related to this one last month.


  1. o docker

    It’s the monument to Leonard Calvert, erected by the state of Maryland in 1890. It stands in the graveyard of the Trinity Episcopal Church at Historic St. Mary’s City on the site where the first colonists met to establish a government and freedom of religion in the New World.


    1. Baydog

      So now that O Docker has successfully solved one of Mitch’s puzzles, shouldn’t he be disqualified from more Maryland-related blog quizzes? I mean, he’s already smart enough.


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