Old School Film Hack

A what? In where?


This place was a surprise, in several ways. Can you guess why?

47 thoughts on “A what? In where?

  1. o docker

    Hope you had a good flight and that you remembered to put your belt back on after passing through security.

    There’s a Hemingway exhibit at the Ketchum/Sun Valley Heritage and Ski Museum, which sounds pretty strange until you find out the last home he lived in was near there. But your picture doesn’t look like other pictures I’ve found of the site.


    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      Yeah, but I was waiting until he showed up before giving clues so it’d be more fair.

      Oh, and I’m using in-flight WiFi to keep up with you jokers.


    2. M_Zeissler Post author

      Nope – not there. But my photo *was* taken somewhere in that region. Clues:

      – Look at the entrance to the room – it’s unusual.

      – Look at the far wall, behind the man in the blue shirt.

      – The photo of Papa is a bit of a red herring, as I discovered myself when I went into the space.


    3. M_Zeissler Post author

      Having lived in Idaho and spent time down in Key West (my Mom lived there for many years), I don’t know which locality treasures Hemingway more — though I’ll have to give Key West the nod for having gone as commercial as they have with his image and all.


  2. Tillerman

    Yeah, I noticed already that the entrance to the room seemed more high tech than the room itself.

    The far wall is unusual, but I can’t make out what it is.

    The room itself looks a bit like a cafeteria.


    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      The interior is equally high tech, just covered with enormous posters advertising the exhibit you already guessed.

      The far wall isn’t wallpaper.

      The room isn’t a cafeteria, per se, but does serve food. It also serves beer and wine.


    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      And before everyone comes after me with a tar and feather posse – saying that everybody knows Starbucks doesn’t serve beer and wine – this one DOES! I asked about that and was told it is one of only 9 globally in the company empire that does so.


    1. Keep Reaching

      The door was the clue – it looked like a vault. I thought it could be either a bank vault or maybe even an old missile solo. A bit of Googling and I found it.


  3. o docker

    Some googling turns up more Starbucks strangeness.

    The same background pattern is used in another Starbucks in Sun Valley that’s also in a building seldom associated with coffee shops. Anyone know?

    And, believe it or don’t, there’s yet another Starbucks that’s also in a former bank vault.


    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      I think the Sun Valley and Ketchum stores are one and the same.

      Decades ago they were two separate towns; in fact, I once skied at Sun Valley back in early 1972, and at that time it was much larger than Ketchum. Then I came back through in the summer of 1990, when Cindy and I were on our honeymoon, and was both astounded and horrified at what had occurred since the ’70s.

      Now they appear to be just one town; Ketchum is the business district and support center, and Sun Valley is the ski resort. Both have been largely taken over by chain businesses, hotels and eateries; for example, there was a Benetton in Ketchum back in 1990, but I didn’t see it this time around.


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