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Chesapeake Bay blue crab season already looks bad


Just as an aside from the Yellowstone narrative I’m doing — we did go to Annapolis last weekend to visit with Cindy’s parents for Mother’s Day and stopped by to pick-up a seafood lunch for all of us like we often do.

There we discovered that the Chesapeake Bay blue crabs weren’t even being advertised; no printed signs, no chalk boards, no prices… no nothing.  I asked and heard that they only had two sizes available, medium and large.  The medium crabs were going for $25 per dozen, which is in line with the price they were last year.  The large crabs were going for $50 per dozen, which represents a price increase of some 60+ percent over last year’s prices!

There were no extra-large crabs, nor were there any jumbos.  And it’s been at least a decade or more since I last saw colossal crabs being offered anywhere in the Chesapeake region.

We did see some tiny, barely legal (5-inch males — only — per the state of Maryland), pre-steamed crabs in a display case that were going for $1 apiece, but — truly — they were so small as to not be worth the effort of picking the meat out of their shells.

Note: The sign to the right is from the same seafood business last year, with the prices from the same time last year (Mother’s Day weekend).  This will give a sense of what the prices may be doing for this year.

Chilling, isn’t it?

5 thoughts on “Chesapeake Bay blue crab season already looks bad

  1. Tillerman

    Why isn’t Congress investigating a real scandal like this? Who was responsible for changing the talking points to make it look like there were no crabs at all? What did Hillary know about this and when did she know it? Why weren’t the AP allowed to report on this? Was the IRS profiling on the words Crab Party? This is bigger than Watergate and Iran-Contra-gate and Monica-gate combined.


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