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Dreaming and learning


It’s a reality – one that I never thought would happen so long as Cindy and I were married together.  We are going to buy a sailboat.  More specifically – a sailing catamaran.  We don’t yet know the exact date we’ll be making the purchase, but right now – if our savings rate matches what we expect it to be in the weeks and months to come – it looks like we may be placing an order for a brand new boat in the late spring of 2012.  This road has been surprising.  Cindy sailed small boats as a kid in Annapolis and liked it, but wasn’t infatuated with it.  After we got married she was still slightly interested in sailing, but only as a distant observer and maybe a one-time rental.

Then we went to Hawaii in March of last year and rented a tandem kayak together.  For some reason, that really tickled her fancy and we purchased two Hobie kayaks a couple of months later.  They were well received by both of us, but she wanted something a little bigger that we could both be on together for this year – which is when we bought a sailing trimaran, a Hobie Mirage Tandem Island.

The small – but fast – sailing trimaran has been a smash hit with her.  The only things missing were: a toilet; someplace to sleep; and something to cook crabs and grill fish.  Once she decided that she was going down that route – all the older, smaller, used monohull sailboats that I came up with as possible choices weren’t suitable.  She really liked being on a Catfisher 32 cruising catamaran a relative had years ago – both for the spacious view from the salon and the roominess it offered – so that’s the direction she went.

After months of research and looking at catamarans in the water and at marinas, we settled on a specific model – a Gemini 105Mc built by Performance Cruising in Annapolis.  It has a length of 34 feet, a beam of 14 feet and a draft of 18 inches – and with the centerboard(s) down it draws 5.5 feet.

We already met with the builders back in August and took a demo sail – the photos below are from that visit.  We are going to the Annapolis Boat Show next week and plan to continue looking for new ideas from the other builders, as well as accessories we’ll want to get with it.

Until we actually make our purchase, we’re in the dreaming and learning mode, trying to absorb as much as we can to make the right choice of the boat and its accessories the first time.  I should also note that a new boat – or even the selection of a catamaran – may be too dear for our finances and we may have to settle for something else less expensive.

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