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#1 Jimmies — $360 p/b


Yes, you read the title right.  $360 per bushel for number 1 jimmies — in Annapolis, Maryland — yesterday.

I don’t recall seeing them ever breaking the $350 barrier before.

We went over to see Cindy’s folks for Father’s Day — and as usual for special events like this — it was our treat, so as to keep her 88-year-old mother from literally working herself to death in the kitchen and with other guest prepping chores.  And — as usual — the meal request from them was for takeout from the Annapolis Seafood Market in Edgewater, because they make fried fish the way that her folks like it.

This time the crab sign was up… I didn’t have an opportunity to take a photo, so you’ll have to refer to the shot I have from the same place at the same time last year.

Crab prices in Annapolis from last Father’s Day

And the prices were eye-popping.  In addition to the #1 jimmies being $360, they also had jumbo jimmies for $75 per dozen… but they were all sold out.  They were all sold out of #1 jimmies, too, for that matter (but who, I ask you, who in their right mind would pay $360 for a bushel of crabs?).

There was one other addition that was advertised — dollar crabs.

I’d never seen them offered here before, but they were selling tiny, just-barely-legal, steamed blue crabs for $1 apiece.  We had caught crabs that small on our boat before and I can tell you from experience that they just aren’t worth the trouble of picking them when they’re that small.

We enjoyed our meal with her folks, and I’m glad Cindy was able to spend some quality time with her 92-year-old Dad… we don’t know if he’ll make it to the same date next year.  We learned during this visit that his weight has dropped to 104 pounds and his bones looked very pronounced this time.

We have been very surprised by the speed of the physical decline of both of her parents since our trip with them out to Missouri last fall, but this one was the worst yet.

4 thoughts on “#1 Jimmies — $360 p/b

    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      Tell me about it. Cindy and I both had crab cakes this time and they were so bad that we vowed to just get grilled fish there from now on.


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