Old School Film Hack

What and where?


As you can probably guess, this is an enormous crop of a larger image. But what is it and where?

Here are your clues:

  • It’s made of metal… and cloth.
  • The best I can tell, it was built around April 1959, but it’s not what I was expecting — that is — according to the records, this should not exist.
  • It is a part of our American heritage, but wasn’t made by us.

So… what is it and where is it to be found?  This one is bit bit tougher than most, so I’ll have to offer a bunch of clues.  I’m at training all this week, so you’ll get updates from me only during breaks.

49 thoughts on “What and where?

  1. Tillerman

    Hmmm. Metal and cloth?

    A medal? But you wouldn’t give an animal a medal.

    A parachute? But animals in space didn’t have parachutes .

    A life raft? Ditto for animals.

    Perhaps I should focus on when this specific item was used. Given your estimate of date of manufacture is it anything to do with Joseph Kittinger?


    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      This example wasn’t used by Joseph Kittinger… but it could have been.

      Nor is it any of the other examples you offered.

      With space flight, what tool/accessory is considered required equipment and not related to life support or transit?


  2. Tillerman

    That branch of the Air and Space Museum does have an exhibit of astronaut cameras. And NASA astronauts could well have used foreign cameras. And you are interested in cameras so obsessive enough to know how to find the date of manufacture from the serial number, And cameras do have serial numbers.


    1. Tillerman

      The Glenn Leica one supposedly in DC has been customized so that the eyepiece was easier to use through a space helmet. Perhaps they just moved it to Udvar and didn’t update the website?


    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      That’s what I say when you swarm a food quiz. Truly, I don’t know how all of you can figure out the individual ingredients of a dish from just a snapshot.


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