Old School Film Hack

Where am I?


Where am I? This is no ordinary sidewalk with shrubbery.

Here are your clues:

  • Yesterday was Thursday; this exact location was made famous on a Monday.
  • If the image looks eerily familiar, it should. I got chills just standing there.
  • There is nothing here to note the historical ticktock in time, and everyone around me was oblivious to it.

So there you go.  I’m still in training again today and tomorrow, at this same site.

8 thoughts on “Where am I?

    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      I knew I should have posted a screenshot, instead of the real deal.

      Yes, that’s the correct answer! And at the exact location of the assassination attempt.


  1. Tillerman

    I assumed you might be in DC and tried to think of an incident that fitted your description. First guess was the Reagan shooting and when I checked it out the pictures showed a wall with stonework similar to that at the top of your picture, and it was on a Monday.

    As you know by now, with your quizzes I usually just start off with a wild guess (or 20) just to narrow the field down. I got lucky this time!


    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      Indeed you did! I wondered whether or not to post it, as the photos from that day are so imprinted in my brain that it would have been my very first conclusion as well.

      But guess what? The young people here were completely oblivious to it! I found the same reaction a few years ago when I was down by the Watergate Hotel. And the reaction there was “I thought that was just an urban legend because everything is called ‘something-gate’ these days; didn’t know it was a real place”. And the same thing here, “huh, didn’t know that”.


    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      Nope. That’s all different since 1981. Other changes as well, but the hotel has largely stayed the same over the years, at least externally.


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