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Tough week


Even with the wasabi-encrusted seared tuna with salad, you talk about a draining week… yeesh.

For the past six days I’ve left the house just before 6:00 am and not returning until close to 9:00 pm, due to computer training for work. The one bright spot was being able to have a decent lunch a couple of times.  Every day?  No.  Just these two, with the last one being grilled planked salmon with salad.

And what made the training so tough?  Try listening to computer security lectures about packet filtering, syn-ack, stateful firewalls, proper network topology, etc. and then having to do lengthy labs after the all-day lectures are complete.

It was truly excellent content, delivered by one of the finest IT instructors I’ve ever had… but it was still brutal.  By the end of the class, people were shambling zombies and the instructor wasn’t far behind.

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