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A touch of color


Just a quick post… enough to add a little color to a Monday morning.

4 thoughts on “A touch of color

  1. Elisa

    Nice images! I just wanted to comment, in my reader the image for this post was a rotunda building. I clicked on it to open it. I was trying to see what it was. My head went DC the rest said wait are there steps. But when I followed the link I got a flower. This happened yesterday with another image on another site. I think there is a WP glitch. I think it posted your background as the blog post image. Just a head’s up.


    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      Thanks for the alert! That’s a “featured image” of the template I’m using.

      The shot of the Capitol was taken earlier in the same day, and the flower was at the base of the Capitol in the US Botanical Garden. I thought they worked as a pair, but obviously they didn’t.

      It’s been fixed now.


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