Old School Film Hack



I can hear it now… just what the heck are you blathering on about this time? Exactly what the title says — Syn-Ack — which is the very heart of the Internet, as it is middle step of a three-part process known as a handshake within the TCP protocol.

Wha… you’ve been drinking mud again, haven’t you?  I can’t see your point.

Okay… how about this? I’ve tried to find out more about the online workings of the blogging community and how they bestow recognition. In this case, I received some recognition yesterday from another blogger, and — according to the protocol — I’m supposed to respond publicly back in a certain way. However, I’m not ready to post my full response… but I still want the other blogger to know I have received their initial message to me.

So this is my roundabout way of saying thank you, I have a proper response being planned in my mind, but I’m not yet ready to post it.  My own version of Syn-Ack.

4 thoughts on “Syn-Ack

  1. Tillerman

    Old MacDonald had a network, EIGRP,
    And on this network, he had some packets, EIGRP,
    With a SYN-ACK here and a SYN-ACK there,
    Here a SYN-ACK, there a SYN-ACK, everywhere a SYN-ACK,
    Old MacDonald had a network, EIGRP.


  2. Tillerman

    I found it on the Interwebs, just like I find all the answers to your quiz questions!

    Actually, as a former IT professional myself I am quite partial to packet switching jokes etc. I once had dinner with Vinton Cerf and he wrote some witticism about packets on the label of a wine bottle for me. Wish I had kept it now.


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