Old School Photo Hack

What and where?


Okay, put on your thinking caps… what on earth could this be?  And for all you smart alecs out there — no — it’s not just “a building interior” — that’s pretty obvious.

Here are your clues:

  • I was once a fairly frequent visitor here.
  • As the ceiling implies, the room is circular… for function and utility.
  • The guy to the right is devastated that they don’t make ’em like they used to.

Sorry about the quality of the image; the space was so dim that I had to put the camera on the counter to take the photo and boosted the ISO up to 3200 in the process, which is something I rarely do.  The result is very heavily processed.

78 thoughts on “What and where?

    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      Very good, so what is the structure?

      I’m going to have to begin using images from elsewhere, as these are beginning to be too predictable.


    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      Yeah, they cleaned it up a lot from when I used to arrive for a bus down to Richmond back in the 1970s. I’ll post the current exterior tomorrow.


    1. Elisa

      lol my remote view capabilities are crushed..er rusty..er…i need to get out more so that I can tell what I am seeing! yeah that’s it!


  1. Crystal M. Trulove

    Very good one! The images of buses on the walls made me decide my guess was going to be “bus station,” then I noticed the iconic dog in the background. Greyhound Bus Station! I was very disappointed someone got it before me. Fun puzzle! And oh my goodness it’s gorgeous – not like the –holes I used to layover in when I traveled as a kid.


  2. Tom McCubbin

    Hi M_Z!

    Thanks for following my blog. Your photos are stunning. I had just finished reading Michener’s Chesapeake, and now I can understand what he was trying to describe.



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