Old School Photo Hack

What and where?


I figure this one may be pretty easy, but thought I’d run with it anyway.

Here are your clues:

  • It’s not in Washington, DC.
  • It wasn’t here the last time we visited this place.

I fully expect someone to snap their fingers and say, “Ha — that’s an easy one!”

98 thoughts on “What and where?

  1. Tillerman

    Great quiz. It was hard to get a sense of scale. Never thought at first it was so huge. And would never have guessed without the Google that a large, manufactured artifact like that would be in a wildlife refuge!

    Good job it’s raining this morning or you would have stopped me from having sone fun outside for the last 3 hours!


    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      It is indeed massive; I’ll post a follow-up tomorrow morning with lots of pics. But I stopped in my tracks when I saw it, because it wasn’t there when we last visited the bunker in 2010. The gun was moved in since then and the ribbon cutting was this past May.


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