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Sunset at Crisfield


We visited Crisfield, Maryland last weekend as part of our anniversary celebration, and discovered in the process that the city dock was completely torn apart and undergoing renovation, possibly to repair damage from Hurricane Sandy? We were impressed at how the open water was so confused and full of little peaks, especially considering that there wasn’t any wind to note.

Crisfield, Maryland

Somerset County, Maryland, highlighting Crisfield in red. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We haven’t been to this area and parts further south in about 18 months or more, so we were surprised at how the economy had declined since we were last here.  There are a number of high-rise condo units in Crisfield that were completed just before the real estate bubble collapsed, and at least one of them appears to be on the brink of failure, if it isn’t there already.  Most of the private marinas are devoid of boats and one now has fencing in place to block access to it.  Likewise, a lot of the downtown businesses are boarded up and vacant.

It’s very clear now that the visible industries in Crisfield are tourism (holding steady?) and the watermen with their seafood (declining some 70 percent since the 1990s alone).  There doesn’t seem to be much more than that these days, though McCready Memorial Hospital and the Sherwin-Williams plant are listed as the number one and two employers of the town, respectively.

We sure hope the city fathers are able to pull it together; this is a wonderful area for sailing and has the absolute best seafood anywhere in the Chesapeake Bay.

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