Old School Photo Hack

What and where?


I don’t know if you’ll recognize this or not, but it’s worth a shot.  So here are your clues:

  • It’s not in the Smithsonian; in fact, this comes from a new source of torment.
  • It’s not in Washington, DC.
  • It’s not in Southern Maryland or on the Eastern Shore.
  • It’s not in Virginia.
  • It was produced by a company that’s no longer around.
  • This object holds a special place in Cindy’s heart.

There ya go!  That’s it?  Yup — have at it.

60 thoughts on “What and where?

    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      Yeah, really! His name is Mel Poston and he was a member of the Westinghouse engineering team that designed and built the Apollo 11 TV camera that was used on the moon.


  1. Tillerman

    I get goose bumps just thinking about it. I got up in the middle of the night in England to watch the first moon walk on live TV. And to think Cindy’s Dad helped build the camera that was used for those historic images. Amazing!


    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      Yup. That’s how I feel as well. It’s been a long search for us to find a display of it. There may be one at the Smithsonian, but I’m sure it’s nowhere near as accessible as this one.


  2. Tillerman

    I should have recognized something about the style of that camera that said ‘early NASA equipment.’ Especially after that other space camera you had in a quiz.

    My first 3 guesses for your next quiz are Idaho, Point Lookout and space camera.


  3. chamimage

    I just saw a great documentary on Nova about the spy planes in WWII and their cameras looked a bit like that, too. They took two photos with a 60% overlap and looked at the photos with stereoscopic lenses to see 3D. They really did save the war when they found the rockets Hitler had ready to launch.


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