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Sisyphean project


This has been my never-ending-project-from-hell; what was started back in early November still isn’t fully completed.  I initially figured that completely stripping the bottom paint off Shearwater and redoing it from scratch would be a one or two month-long series-of-weekends process.  But life intervened — family, work, medical, and otherwise — all conspired to push the finish point further and further to the right, and it has turned into one of the longest projects I’ve ever dealt with.  And I’d still be way behind schedule if it hadn’t been for some serious help from my friend Sean.  Many thanks, buddy!

Here are the week-by-week steps yet needed before I can bring the project to a close:

  • Get the jack stands repositioned over the next few days.
  • Remove the paint that the jacks have hidden; wash and clean the hull, then let thoroughly dry.
  • Do minor gelcoat repairs and let them thoroughly dry.
  • Marathon painting effort: apply multiple epoxy barrier coats in one day, along with one coat of bottom paint.
  • Apply one or two last coats of bottom paint and let thoroughly dry.
  • Finally get Shearwater back in the water.

Given how much rain we’ve had this year, we’ll be lucky to splash her by mid-August at this rate.


On the bright side, though — Shearwater is looking very, very good… and blisters in the gelcoat or the fiberglass are non-existent.

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