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Hurricane Sandy repairs underway


Our marina is finally getting repairs underway from the damage that was wreaked by Hurricane Sandy last fall. “A Dock” was completely destroyed and much of the time since then has been spent negotiating their way through the maze of permits necessary to change the old dock configuration to one that’s a bit taller… so it won’t be completely awash with each high tide.

It’s good to see things finally pulling around for our marina… the slips are finally filling back up, the abandoned boats continue to be replaced with paying customers — both in the slips and in the boatyard, the lower parking lot has been resurfaced, the seawall has been replaced, etc. Lots of money has been spent to upgrade the facility and it’s really showing.

We heard that each slip on “A Dock” is costing close to $10,000 to create… which includes the big pilings, the heavy support lumber, the deck surfacing, electrical and water conduits, and lighting — not to mention heavy-duty hardware, cleats, and the like. Docks are a very expensive proposition these days.

Not only was “A Dock” being completely redone, but the siding for the covered slips had been replaced and it looked like maybe the roof had been replaced as well. All big changes since we were last here in March.

4 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy repairs underway

    1. M_Zeissler Post author

      Ha! It took me a bit to recognize you guys. Thanks for the compliment.

      I’ve got a really good used camera to sell to you if you’re interested. Have your hubby drop me an IM and we can discuss off line.


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