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This is What a Free Sailboat Looks Like


For anyone that has ever dreamed of stumbling across a free sailboat on Craigslist or hidden away in the corner of a marina boatyard somewhere, this is what the very best of them looks like. We’ve seen a few that were near free (read about a real $100 sailboat here), but they’re usually so far gone that it would easily cost just as much as a decent used boat to get them back to safe and working condition again.

Not this one…  This one is the boat of your very best dreams, at least of the small day sailing variety.

She was owned by the same man for 40 years.  She had never been abused.  She had never been neglected.  She had always been kept out of the water in a dry slip when she wasn’t being sailed.  The owner — now 93 years old — decided he was no longer able to take care of her, and he looked long and hard for someone who would cherish her… like he had.

And the new owner?  The lucky guy is one of my buddies down at the marina, and one that I know will do right by her.  Sure, she needs a few bits of new hardware, some of the running rigging needs to be replaced, and the brightwork could stand some fresh varnish — but she’s an awesome find nonetheless.

26 thoughts on “This is What a Free Sailboat Looks Like

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      Thanks! This is the first theme I started out with on WordPress, but I didn’t know how to customize it at the very get-go. All of the others I’ve been playing with have been experiments to see what customizations were possible, how the images were handled, and what subtle design improvements there are between the different theme packages. This one offers the biggest images within a post that is currently available, which is why I like it.


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  19. in hopes of

    I look at the add and realize that I’m in need of a place to stay. have been for a long time. Thought I have never even been on a boat. The goal is to own and live on one. My request of you would be to look at this boat. Then see if its a fit.
    Ps. Willing to send you post cards where ever I may go


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