Old School Film Hack

What and where?


Here’s a quiz for you that’s a bit different than usual, though you may already know the answer and just crush me with a single 3 second response. Here are your clues:

  • It has unparalleled vistas.
  • Even though it’s simply up and down — a one trick pony, as it were — people have had to be rescued here.  Seriously.
  • It has had shiny metal things smack into it on occasion.
  • Powerful men have lusted after it for hundreds of years.
  • And — no — it’s not in Idaho, or Point Lookout, it’s not a space camera, and it’s not in the Smithsonian.

There you go.  Have fun!


20 thoughts on “What and where?

    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Nope. This place is rather unique in that it doesn’t really have anything else around it. A single peak with a short line of rolling hills trailing off of one side.


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