Old School Film Hack

What and where?


Got your coffee in hand?  Comfy?  Here’s your Saturday morning quiz; this one should be easy-peasy.  Here are your clues:

  • They used a lot of lumber for this.
  • It’s not in DC or Idaho.  Or Point Lookout, either, for that matter.

More clues to come if you need ’em!

8 thoughts on “What and where?

  1. Roy Poston

    Well, I looked, saw the 110v lights, and thought Roundhouse, but was not sure where. I did not remember you being at the B&O museum, thought it might be a RR museum in Sacramento, CA or somewhere. But then I saw how new the ceiling was, and recalled that the B&O has had their roof replaced. Wasn’t it a big snow that brought the old one down? Then saw Tillerman’s comment, and it confirmed it.


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