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Gel Coat is going on


My never-ending project this year.

All of the paint has now been laboriously removed, the bottom thoroughly washed, cleaned where needed with denatured alcohol, and the first round of gel coat repairs has been completed.  We were hoping to get a second coat of gel coat on the repairs yesterday, but a real gully washer came through and put an end to our efforts.

Note: these pix were taken before we began to apply the gel coat repairs.

10 thoughts on “Gel Coat is going on

  1. Elisa

    So, how do you get the gel coat onto the spots where the stands are? (I am imagining that it is very difficult to move the boat or the stands.) Wait maybe you get other stands then remove the current ones?


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      When the rest of the bottom is complete, they come in with a TraveLift, pick up the boat, move backward two feet, put it down, then adjust the stands to fit. Takes about 15 minutes or less.


  2. Baydog

    Have to say, without bottom paint, Shearwater looks like the great white whale! And I can’t imagine the gooseneck was ever great. Knock on wood, we made it back to the dock today without any jury-rigging.


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      That she does!

      We were surprised by the gel coat repairs; we thought the stuff would be thicker and would have a longer work period. Instead, we had nine minutes to frantically smear the goop over the shallow nicks and gouges — with the last 30 seconds having the best thickness and density.

      Glad to hear that you made it back to the dock without incident.


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      We used everything to get the bottom paint off… pull scraper, machine sanding, hand sanding, sanding wheel, etc. Ours had some 5-7 coats of paint on it, so it took forever to get it all off.

      We used thick epoxy for the divots, and normal epoxy for the rest of the hull as a whole before finally painting it.


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