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Pure Tone


Actually this is pure texture (admittedly one of my photography vices), but my wife loves to play her electric guitar, is always going on and on about “pure tone“, and “sustain that lasts until the cows come home”, and this wall reminded me of that in visual terms.

This is a rebuilt historical structure on the nearby historic C&O Canal Path.  We’ve visited this structure several times per year for the last two decades, not because it’s special but more because it’s associated with a nearby lock keeper‘s house.  It had been slowly falling into ruin during much of that time before finally collapsing completely about seven years ago, resulting in just a pile of jumbled stone and brick that was an eyesore and a danger.  For the longest time we thought that it would slowly be covered with weeds and vines and gradually merge into the surrounding tangle of forest over time.

Then we arrived one day — after a long absence — to find this in place of the ruin we had last seen.  The National Park Service had finally found a little bit of funding to have a small crew come in, sort the debris out, clear the building footprint, and rebuild it as best they could to match what the old structure looked like from old photographs.  Is it a complete structure now?  No.  It’s just four walls and a few empty window frames; there are no internal walls, no floors, and no roof.  But it does give you a sense of what the building looked like back in the day, and — in the evening light — the textures are utterly wonderful.

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