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Ocean City Good Eats


Seared tuna for dinner — West Ocean City, Maryland (December 2013)
iPhone 5S + 30/2.2

Lest my buddy, Baydog, think that I’m neglecting him, here’s a yummy feast for the eyes and the tongue.

We ventured forth to Assateague Island a couple of weeks ago, explored everything to our delight, stayed outside long enough to feel good and chilled, then went hunting for a warm bite to eat.  However, we’ve learned the hard way that Ocean City, Maryland, is filled with tourist traps that serve terrible fare.  Even worse?  Trying to find a decent place that’s even open during the off-off season between Christmas and New Year’s.

Harborside Bar & Grill to the rescue!  We found this little joy by me taking the wheel and Cindy calling shotgun and navigation with her smart phone.  In the process, we discovered an entirely new world of good eats to explore in future visits here… namely the area near the water in West Ocean City, a place filled with all sorts of seafood establishments that were packed to the gills with happy diners.  We stopped here only because it was rated highly online and Cindy had her mind fixed on it first; and truth be told, Harborside was visually a bit of a dive on the outside — more on the bar end of the spectrum and less on the food end, or so it seemed.

Once inside, we were blasted by a wall of sound that had the rest of the customers rocking and swaying in rhythm — live tunes delivered by a very decent performer —  classic beach favorites for the older crowd.  We sat far enough away from the music to be able to converse with one another without shouting, and proceeded to the task at hand.

We started out with a small shared appetizer of fried oysters (delicious, plump, and juicy), Cindy and I both had their signature seared ahi salad (spectacular!), a shared order of broiled crab cake (not up to par, which is probably due to the time of year), and finished up with a shared slice of orange crush cake (cream frosting, not Crisco, and utterly delicious).

Considering this was my first fancy restaurant meal in many months, I ate like a famished lumberjack and had to be restrained from licking the plate clean.

We will return here again in the future, so be fair warned…

7 thoughts on “Ocean City Good Eats

    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      I’d love to eat ahi every day, but the cost would bankrupt me. No mayo, though; I’m having a hard time with fats ever since my gallbladder was removed — I can’t process them and they tear me up now.


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