Old School Film Hack

Spring Peeper


Young tree frog — Central Maryland (September 2004)
Canon 10D + 16-35/2.8L

I’ve been crawling through my archives this morning, and rediscovered this quirky little guy. He’s a spring peeper — or a tree frog. We used to have them singing to us as the early harbinger of spring every year, and we would find them all over the yard during the rest of the warmer months.

But no more.

I had no idea that when I was taking his portrait back in late summer of 2004 that it would be one of the last times we’d ever see tree frogs in our yard. There was just one other peeper that hung out in a folding chair we had on our back deck for a little while beyond that, but he’s finally gone as well.

And the toads have all but disappeared from our yard, too. I saw two of them last year while I was mowing the lawn (the same one each time, perhaps?), but there have been a few seasons when I don’t see them at all. We’re wondering why they’re disappearing, as we don’t ever treat our yard with chemicals due to environmental concerns.

18 thoughts on “Spring Peeper

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  4. Stephen

    Maybe it is natural predators that have taken them or maybe they have moved on, which ever it is it’s a shame they are not there anymore. But who knows in the future they might return fingers crossed.


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