Old School Film Hack

Breach in the Crust

Red Canyon -- Lander, Wyoming (September 2014)Leica M3 + Kodak BW400CN + Voigtländer 12/5.6 ASPH

Red Canyon — Lander, Wyoming (September 2014)
Leica M3 + Kodak BW400CN + Voigtländer 12/5.6 ASPH

8 thoughts on “Breach in the Crust

    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Hadn’t intended on going that direction, but my 1954 Leica IIIf came back untouched from over 7 months of “servicing”, though — thankfully — I wasn’t charged for it. This latest “servicing” ordeal made me realize that the IIIf really should be a shelf queen now, considering it’s 60 years old and that I regularly strip the film sprockets because the camera take up system is so poorly designed.

      I still needed an M-mount film camera, so I went looking for something a bit newer. The Zeiss Ikon ZM rangefinder body (actually built by Cosina in Japan) fit the bill and was an even exchange for some stuff I sold on eBay, so now that’s what I’m using now as my big film camera. I actually like it better than the M6 I used about a decade ago, as it has some really nice improvements that Leica should have done.


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