Old School Photo Hack

News Link: This Might Be the Best Smartphone Camera on the Planet

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  1. paula graham

    Yea…sounds the business..but for me the problem with phone cameras so far, is being able to read the small lettering..then having to put glasses on is ..etc…the moment has gone ..Looking forward to seeing this one into the real though..might , at last, be the perfect standby for city stuff. Thanks for linking

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  2. Khürt Williams

    The crop factor is 7.2 which means that f/1.8 lens is really f/13 (35mm equivalent). I wish journalist would stop comparing smartphones to DSLRs. It’s like comparing a Honda Accord EX to a Mercedes Benz S-Class. Yes, they are both top-end of their respective brands but they are complete different class of product.


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