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News Link: Apple is Leading the March to Destroy the Point-and-Shoot

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    1. lauramacky

      Yeah I do understand. But no way can I lug around this big camera on a trip. I know lots do but I just can’t…mainly because I always ask my husband to carry it all hehe.


  1. mondetrekker

    There is always talk from phone manufacturers about how their camera now has 8,16 or 20 megapixels, but everyone needs to remember one thing. The size of the sensor in the phone is still very small so physically cannot capture the same amount of detail as a DSLR. Not to mention the control of aperture, shutter speed and a much wider ISO range. I have used a mobile phone for many of my photos but my full frame DSLR is always better. The top end phones may very well destroy the cheaper point and shoot camera’s but I think your DSLR is safe for a while. Try comparing a mobile phone with a 20 megapixel camera against a Leica M9 that “only” has 18.5 megapixels. There is no comparison. Megapixels aren’t everything.


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      I completely and totally agree, with the exception of the higher-end point-and-shoot cameras — which can still blow the doors off a cell phone camera without even trying. As for MFT, APS-C, and full-frame cameras (whether mirrorless or DSLR), they are in another league altogether.

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    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      I like them for the convenience factor, but little else. I’m hoping that the new iPhone 6S will be enabled to take RAW photos, at which time Apple will enter a new era of cell phone photography.


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Agreed, although you can already purchase very high quality accessory lenses for all the different versions of the iPhone. I think those from Moment (http://momentlens.co/) may be the best on the market at present.

      I realize that the vast majority of photographers today use zoom lenses, but I personally go for primes as much as possible because the resulting image quality and the speed is usually (but not always) superior to zoom lenses.

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