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Late Bloomers

Chicory below Sugarloaf Mountain -- Central Maryland (September 2014)Olympus Stylus Epic + Kodak Portra 400 + 35/2.8

Chicory below Sugarloaf Mountain — Central Maryland (September 2014)
Olympus Stylus Epic + Kodak Portra 400 + 35/2.8

10 thoughts on “Late Bloomers

  1. thebluespade

    Could only imagine how long it would take to simply look at your entire portfolio. Such variety of visual talent. Do you even have an idea of count with how many photographic pieces you’ve done to now Mitch?


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Thank you.

      No, I have no idea how many images I’ve shot at this point. I shot several thousand photos through my youth and lost all but a handful of them during a move out of Washington, DC, in the late 1980’s. I lived in a bad neighborhood at the time and was moving without assistance; during one of my trips back into the apartment building, some of the boxes were stolen from my vehicle and the missing items included almost my entire collection of photographs and negatives.

      Professionally, I don’t know either. We shot E-6 film (slides) by the case while on location shoots (a big day on location was 180-200 rolls of film), and a 300-foot roll at a time when using the Forox or the Marron-Carrel rostrum cameras (on a really busy day, I could burn through four of those 300-foot rolls). There was one year when I recorded every frame I shot, and it totaled over a half million images — all on E-6 film.

      We had our own in-house E-6 processing equipment every place that I worked and the last one was close to 30-feet long and could process six rolls of E-6 film every five minutes (40 minutes from dry-to-dry).

      I have two enormous cases of 35mm negatives and slides that I shot before switching over to digital back in 2000, and I have over 25,000 digital images that I’ve kept from a far larger number of them that I’ve shot.

      So no, I can’t provide a firm number, but what I have here in our house alone would take many weeks to slog through.


  2. paula graham

    Lovely , we see the vivid blue of chicory here too, it likes poor soil as I tried to grow it on my very fertile plot, it came up one year and then not seen since. I like the way you digressed the photo all the way to a mountain in the distance


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